Sharing your vision boldly & beautifully: Marketing

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Sharing your vision boldly & beautifully Marketing | Beautiful Hello Blog

So, let’s refresh, we have talked about defining your passion, and developing your brand (which isn’t gross after all….)  and now, my favorite part, Sharing your work!  

It’s true, your work can speak for its self – I mean, that’s why you created it, right?  But maybe you want to reach more people so that your work can speak a little louder?  I totally get that.
So let’s talk about sharing your work boldly, cleanly, and beautifully (this is technically called marketing, but it’s not gross and dirty – I promise!)

six marketing tips for artists and makers:  Beautiful Hello Blog

1. First, be known in your own city.  Your biggest fan club and support structure are the people that know you the best.  Invest time and love into  your community and allow the people close to you to champion and support you.
2. Your audience wants to hear from you, the maker, the one who poured their thoughts…

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