Soeren Kierkegaard, 1851

If I want to successfully bring a person to a definite goal, I must find where she is, and start right there. He, who cannot do that, fools himself when he thinks that he can help others. To help somebody, I certainly must understand more than she does, but above all understand what she understands. If I cannot do that, it is of no help that I am more able than she is and that I know more than she does.

If I still want to show how much I know, the reason is that I am vain and arrogant, and because I in fact want to be admired by the other rather than help her. All true helpfulness begins with humbleness before the person I want to help, and thereby I must realize that to help is not a desire to rule but a wish to serve. If I cannot do that, I cannot help anybody.”

–  Soeren Kierkegaard, 1851


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