A poem for a helper …


What We Are Here For 

We are here to listen…not to work miracles. 

We are here to help people discover what they are feeling…not to make feelings go away. 

We are here to help people identify their options…not to decide for them what they should do. 

We are here to discuss steps with people…not to take the steps with them. 

We are here to help people discover their own strength…not to rescue them and leave them still vulnerable. 

We are here to help people discover they can help themselves…not to take responsibility for them. 

We are here to help people learn to choose…not to make it unnecessary for them to make difficult choices. 

We are here to provide support for changes. 

Author Unknown


Soeren Kierkegaard, 1851

If I want to successfully bring a person to a definite goal, I must find where she is, and start right there. He, who cannot do that, fools himself when he thinks that he can help others. To help somebody, I certainly must understand more than she does, but above all understand what she understands. If I cannot do that, it is of no help that I am more able than she is and that I know more than she does.

If I still want to show how much I know, the reason is that I am vain and arrogant, and because I in fact want to be admired by the other rather than help her. All true helpfulness begins with humbleness before the person I want to help, and thereby I must realize that to help is not a desire to rule but a wish to serve. If I cannot do that, I cannot help anybody.”

–  Soeren Kierkegaard, 1851