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July 17, 2014



Sharing your vision boldly & beautifully: Marketing

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Sharing your vision boldly & beautifully Marketing | Beautiful Hello Blog

So, let’s refresh, we have talked about defining your passion, and developing your brand (which isn’t gross after all….)  and now, my favorite part, Sharing your work!  

It’s true, your work can speak for its self – I mean, that’s why you created it, right?  But maybe you want to reach more people so that your work can speak a little louder?  I totally get that.
So let’s talk about sharing your work boldly, cleanly, and beautifully (this is technically called marketing, but it’s not gross and dirty – I promise!)

six marketing tips for artists and makers:  Beautiful Hello Blog

1. First, be known in your own city.  Your biggest fan club and support structure are the people that know you the best.  Invest time and love into  your community and allow the people close to you to champion and support you.
2. Your audience wants to hear from you, the maker, the one who poured their thoughts…

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How to Be Genuine

– Edited by Manchurian President, Maniac, Sondra C, Krystle and 6 others

In a world full of knock-offs, spinoffs, and cheap imitations, being “genuine” seems a little off the beaten track. Should you decide to see what the world thinks of the real YOU, here are a few suggestions on where you may find him or her.

#1. Decide what it means to be “genuine”. This may not be as easy as it seems, considering the immense influence the media has on us all. Sure, we are all unique individuals, but few, if any, people have absolute resistance to the persuasive influence of advertisers, the media, and peer pressure to conform.

#2. Spend some time self-indulgently thinking about who you REALLY are. Not the facade you put on before you walk into any given group of people, not even the image you give your family, or your closest friends.

#3. Throw away your aspirations of fitting into any select group, clique, or social class. If the genuine you is what they are looking for, they will come calling later, when you have established your true identity.

#4. Forget all the hyped up latest trends…unless they fit the genuine you. Some of the trend setters and fashion designers seem to have a sadistic or narcissistic bent anyway.

#5. Look at your own style, preferences, and physical and emotional foundation. Don’t go for Rodeo Drive if you fit in a tee shirt and worn jeans.

#6. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Flattering, gossiping, or otherwise saying something just to fit in is as ingenuous as it gets.

#7. Pass on invitations that are out of character for you. If you are not at home in the fine arts world, you should know yourself well enough to know it, and the opposite is just as true. If you don’t like dirty fingernails and dust, skip the rodeo and find something more to your taste.

#8. Remember, there is only one (fictional, at that) Massie Block, so everyone else fits the “wannabe” category, and usually that is more transparent than you think.

#9. Spend time alone, or with very close friends who have similar interests and thoughts as you, so you can get a feel for the genuine you.

#10. Smile when the smile is natural, don’t paste on a camouflage smile to fit a situation. The same goes for the whole range of emotions, if you are going to show the world the real you, the world should see all of it.

#11. Shake hands with conviction, whether in greeting, closing a deal, or whatever the situation. Nothing appears less genuine than a half hearted handshake or a forced smile.

#12. Don’t make excuses for who you are. If the world cannot accept the real you, let that be the world’s problem, you will find plenty of problems to own for yourself.

#13. Make a list of people you feel are genuine, and think about the characteristics you most like and admire about them. Being genuine doesn’t mean being unwilling to improve yourself.

#14. Think about your own family history and culture. We may not always like where we come from, but there is no escaping the influence our history has on who and what we are. Many people spend a lot of time and effort escaping their past, such as changing the spelling of their names to sound more politically correct, or giving other people too much power to reshape them culturally.

#15. Look in the mirror at the beginning of every day, and when you see your reflection, consider that this is what every one who looks at you will see, then resolve to let them see you as you really are.

– Excerpts taken from (